FALU'S BAZAAR (for young audiences)
5 piece band
Join Falu and her incredible band on a musical journey through South Asia and around the globe, celebrating the instruments, languages, sights, and humanity of a diverse world. Falu's Bazaar debut album is the first of its kind, teaching South Asian culture through a spirited presentation to today's youth in three languages- English, Hindi and Gujarati. In concert, children will learn about a variety of cultures through songs about animals, transportation, counting, spices, cooking and more. 

FALU BAND (for adult and all-ages audiences)
5 piece band

Indie Hindi
Falu, known for her "Indie Hindi" sound, blends traditions of Indian classical and folk music with western pop, rock and electronic styles to create songs that explore themes of womanhood, romance, longing, and loss. Seamlessly able to vacillate between 5 different South Asian languages while backed by her award-winning band, Falu has been called "Ethereal and Transcendent" by Billboard Magazine, while her sound "reflects a rare brand of timelessness and Avant-guard charm" (Vogue India). Falu's dynamic live performance draws upon her ancient, South Asian roots through traditional instrumentation and fuses it with jazz improvisation, a dash of Bollywood and Bhangra. Bridging cultural gaps for over a decade, Falu’s transcendent music was donned as “East and West, ancient and modern” by the New York Times.

Mehfil / Traditional Style
Experience Falu and her exquisite approach to the ancient Indian tradition of the "Mehfil" – an evening of courtly concerts traditionally presented in the homes or palaces of Indian royalty and nobles.  Common to the Mehfil experience is the recitation and singing of Ghazal – a form of deeply insightful Sufi poetry written and composed to produce a mystical sense of transcendence of the everyday and the breakdown of traditional boundaries, such as between worldly and divine, lover and beloved, loss and longing, performer and listener. Falu brings this mystical sound to life in concerts both intimate and grand around the world for all ages and cultures to experience.

Past & Upcoming Bookings Include: Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Strathmore, Woltrap, Madison Square Park, Lollapalooza, Walton Arts Center

“Bringing her trademark 'Indie-Hindi' style to family music, Falu’s transcendent voice and ensemble are without compare. Falu has created a remarkable program, taking audiences on an exploration of traditions and humanity of a diverse world.” – Andrew Anzel, Lincoln Center Education

“Falu and her fellow musicians are vital contributors to the fabric of Carnegie Hall programming- bringing the very best artistry and humanity into exchanges with so many people experiencing concerts and collaborative projects.”- Ann Gregg, Carnegie Hall

Artist website: falumusic.com