2018 Spring Update- New Music and Shows Galore!

With the new season upon us we are thrilled to be sharing an exciting collection of fresh releases for spring as we shake off the long winter and let the sunshine in. Read on below for early listens and for more information about these refreshing albums. After you have updated your playlists, you are going to want to fill up your calendar to get out and see our amazing roster of artists performing at venues and festivals all over the country for families this spring and summer. Please visit our artist's websites for full calendar dates and more details.


Pop Ups_Giants of Science_Final-01_4000px.jpg

This Spring, The Pop Ups are back with their 5th album, Giants of Science, a cutting-edge all-ages collection filled with enough hot beats and cool science to bring the universe into your living room (out 5/18). The album is a tribute to the Giants of Science, the people that make us all safer, healthier, more informed. The people who discover light bulbs, antibiotics, record players, airplanes, zero emission vehicles: things that make our lives better. Giants of Science is determined to turn listeners into the next generation of innovators.  

Hear the premiere of the first singe "Time" over at Billboard!


From Musician, Therapist and Mother Vered,  Songs for Sisters and Brothers is a new album based on her class work with families and her own experiences at home that musically explores the beautiful and complex sibling dynamic through a unique collection of songs (out 5/18). This album is family music in a different sense, exploring the whole family’s trials, tribulations and needs. It is honest, reassuring and relatable. On Songs for Sisters and Brothers, Vered gives family members a way to understand their emotions which can lead to a stronger bond between them.  

Listen to the debut of the song "It'll Be" featured at Paste Magazine. 

Kookie Album Art.jpg

This summer, New Jersey based Jumpin’ Jamie AKA Jamie Theurich will release his energetic debut family album Kookie, inspired by the pop punk music that shaped his own childhood (out 6/1). Up until recently Jumpin’ Jamie has been best known as the Dinosaur Troubadour at New Jersey’s Field Station: Dinosaurs, but with the release of Kookie the pop rocker dives head first into the kindie scene with this bold, confident, and undeniably fun collection. Catchy songs with quick tempos and interesting lyrics are what piqued Jamie’s youthful curiosity and made him a devoted listener in his formative years. Now as a grown-up and a dad, these elements populate his first collection for today’s youth. 

Watch the music video for "Back to the Future" which gives a pop rock delivery of the movie’s storyline and is the first single off Jumpin’ Jamie’s debut album. Read more about it at The Rock Father who premiered the video.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates on the hottest summer releases coming soon.