Bringing the love, music and rock to kids of all ages.

(METUCHEN, New Jersey)- January 11, 2016- Michael Napolitano, the spirited founder of the award winning Preschool of Rock will release ‘Michael and the Rockness Monsters’, the debut self-titled album from his all new band on February 26, 2016. 

After almost a decade of performing, teaching, writing and developing his widely popular Preschool of Rock program, Michael Napolitano has helped foster the love of music in thousands of children. Now, the seasoned performer is introducing his new blend of music to the world with Michael and the Rockness Monsters, a kid-focused collection written for the sole purpose of having fun and letting his creative spirit loose.

On Michael and the Rockness Monsters, Michael allowed himself more freedom with the songwriting than on his past Preschool of Rock releases. Without needing to pair each song with a specific class theme or structured activity, he was able to write music that came purely from artistic inspiration. There are no classroom walls or age restricters here, all are welcome to this energetic party.

The tone of the album presents itself as loose with a warm, sunny energy. This is playful and honest music that comes from the heart. Music lovers might hear the influence of the Beach Boys, Tom Petty and Phish, all of which have inspired Michael’s musical style. There is a sweet and noble message present throughout the album which is about keeping the fun and beauty in life a priority and not letting the grind of the everyday world distract you- excellent subject matter for all ages.  Older children will likely find much to grasp onto lyrically as many of the songs touch on some of the bigger issues that they face as they begin to grow up and see the world happening around them. Michael’s own experiences with his daughters, now 6 and 8, served as inspiration for including this new observation in his writing. 

On “Pretty Little World” we are encouraged to embrace the small things and to see the simple beauty in every day life which goes well along with “Fisherman” whose excellent moral reminds us not to worry about catching the fish, but rather focus on enjoying the experience. “Cosmic Vacation” allows the listener to take a journey by exploring the world in their own mind while “In a Band” is a great reminder to us that everyone is able to play along, young or old, big or small, no one should be left out. The toddler audience who Michael is no stranger to writing for, will certainly find the music very accessible through the approachable subject matter and it’s upbeat vibe and playful instrumentals. Tracks like “Pirate”, “Farm Dreams’, “Rock It” and “Dinosaur Haircut” are sure to reach the youngest listeners while appealing to kids of all ages. 

On Michael and the Rockness Monsters, Napolitano himself shines as the impressive multi-instrumentalist many of his existing fans know him to be. The album’s producer, Grammy winner Dean Jones assists on instrumentation as well, making it a skillful collaborative effort. In keeping with tradition, Michael’s own children can be heard singing on some tracks as they have for all of his previous recordings, making it true family album.

Michael and the Rockness Monsters will be performing in support of the release, for current event dates please check michaelandtherocknessmonsters.com


Michael Napolitano started his musical lifestyle at an early age of 3 when placed lovingly behind his father’s drum set. The son of a touring musician, a huge influence on Michael's path came from his roots. From his years as a musician performing and touring with various artists to his 10 years with Blue Man Group, and now with 8 years behind him with his own award winning Preschool of Rock, Michael has developed a unique style influenced by his own family and life experiences and of course his deep love for music. With the creation and release of Michael and the Rockness Monsters, the father of two begins the next step of his impressive musical career.


  1. Pirate Song
  2. Rock It!
  3. Fisherman
  4. Cosmic Vacation
  5. Dinosaur Haircut
  6. Pretty Little World
  7. In A Band
  8. Single Digits
  9. Micemaker
  10. If I Were AnOctopus
  11. Farm Dream
  12. Mr Zizowé
  13. Humming Song