New Audible Original Jukebox Joyride From The Pop Ups!

Announcing Jukebox Joyride From 3x GRAMMY nominees The Pop Ups
An Audible Original out June 7!

The Audible Original Jukebox Joyride from 3x Grammy nominees The Pop Ups follows twelve-year-old twins, Jules and George, on a wild adventure through time. Their Uncle Bob, a renowned ethnomusicologist (he studies music!), has discovered the secret to time travel, and is having a ball joyriding through history checking out the best concerts ever...but something’s gone wrong! A sinister force has been unleased, someone is chasing after Uncle Bob, and the fate of all music hangs in the balance! 

Now, it’s up to Jules and George to find their uncle before their new rival does! It’s a musical adventure that brings the twins from the birth of jazz in New Orleans, to a performance by an 11- year-old Mozart in Vienna, all while trying to make it back to the present day to pass their history test!



Spring 2019 Salutations!

Greetings from Mayers Consulting!

The flowers are blooming, the big city is finally warming up, and we couldn't be happier. It's been a few months since our last check in so let's catch up! 

2019 has been very good to us so far. We kicked off the year at the Grammys with 3 of our artists nominated in the Children's category and were thrilled when our own Lucy Kalantari took home the prize!

Our roster has expanded, many of our groups are in the studio working on new material and everyone is gearing up for a very busy summer.

The coming season will be rocking with our artists performing at some of our favorite venues and festivals. Come on out to see our bands live! Check out a sampling of upcoming tour dates below and visit artist's websites for full calendars- see links on their booking pages.

Also be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more regular updates and news items.

We’d love to her what’s happening in your neck of the woods. Drop us a line and fill us in!

May 4 | Falu's Bazaar| Lincoln Center, NYC
June 1 | The Pop Ups | Lincoln Center, NYC
June 2 | Lard Dog & The Band of Shy | Strawberry Seeds Festival, Beijing, China 
July 16, 17 | JoJo & The Pinecones | Wolftrap, Vienna, VA
August 1, 2 | Falu's Bazaar | Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL
August 3, 4 | The Pop Ups | Lollapalooza, Chicago, IL
August 18 | Michael & the Rockness Monsters | Levitt Pavilion, Dayton, OH
September 15 | Gustafer Yellowgold | Levitt Pavillion, Dayton, OH
September 21 | Wagner Park, Battery Park City | Artist TBA
 October 5, 6 | Gustafer Yellowgold | Austin City Limits, TX 
October 11, 12 | Bears & Lions | Austin City Limits, TX 


Sending out huge congratulations to our artists who were just nominated for a 2019 Grammy! We are so proud and thrilled for this wonderful level of recognition for their hard work and supreme talents.  

Falu- Falu’s Bazaar
The Pop Ups- Giants of Science
Lucy Kalantari & the Jazz Cats- All The Sounds

Screen Shot 2018-12-08 at 5.37.47 PM.png

2019 Mayers Consulting Showcase in NYC


Sunday, January 6, 2019
 85 Avenue A, New York, NY 
(East Village)

Come see some of the liveliest, most unique and exceptional performances for all-ages at the Mayers Consulting music showcase during this year’s APAP conference!

New shows this year include the hugely popular Wow In the World Pop Up PartyLucy Kalantari & The Jazz Cats and Gustafer Yellowgold featuring music from his new #1 best seller Audible original 'I'm From the Sun'.

Mayers Consutling offers an eclectic, modern and diverse roster of artists that has been carefully curated for the youth and family audience. With interactive multi-media shows and a wide a variety of genres including pop, rock, folk, jazz, comedy and world music, we are beyond proud to present our fresh and exciting group of talents to you. Come on out to experience all of our fantastic acts LIVE at this very special showcase. 

RSVP to Stephanie Mayers at
*Event will be ticketed to the public, FREE for presenters
*Specific performance times to be announced at a later date

showcase lineup.png

Summer Dates, New Shows And Fresh Tunes

Happy summer! It's been a very wild and active season here at Mayers Consulting. Our artists are having a blast out on the road playing shows for families all over the country and many of our groups are hard at work putting finishing touches on their anticipated new releases. Yes, there is so much happening around here and we are thrilled to share it all with you. 

Please read on for information on for details on the many new and exciting projects still to come in 2018.


Gustafer Yellowgold's new Audible exclusive I’m From the Sun: The Gustafer Yellowgold Story releases October 1. Ride along with 9-year old “sunling” Gustafer, in this wildly imaginative, melancholy musical comedy that takes place entirely on our closest star - The Sun!  We are booking tour dates around this exciting new project now! Please feel free to reach out for more information.

Giants of Science Live is an all out sonic and visual experience featuring songs from The Pop Ups critically acclaimed new album, their Amazon Video Special, and classics from their two GRAMMY nominated albums. The show is a wild adventure celebrating creativity, science and invention. Audiences are transported to a whimsical, educational world with dancing robots, sound waves you can make with your fingertips, full scale puppets, live drawings and even time travel! This highly interactive show will catapult both young and old out of their seats!
See the full band perform songs from Giants of Science live at Paste Magazine!

Lucy Kalantari’s It’s The Holidays is a seasonal show featuring music from her holiday EP with original songs commemorating Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s. The show celebrates community, unity and togetherness.
Listen to the LA Times 3 star reviewed EP!


There is so much fantastic new music coming in the next few months that we can't wait to share with you. Contact us for more information or to book a concert around one of these releases!

Lucy Kalantari- August
Lard Dog & The Band of Shy- September
Hopalong Andrew- September
Gustafer Yellowgold- October
Michael & The Rockness Monsters- October

2018 Spring Update- New Music and Shows Galore!

With the new season upon us we are thrilled to be sharing an exciting collection of fresh releases for spring as we shake off the long winter and let the sunshine in. Read on below for early listens and for more information about these refreshing albums. After you have updated your playlists, you are going to want to fill up your calendar to get out and see our amazing roster of artists performing at venues and festivals all over the country for families this spring and summer. Please visit our artist's websites for full calendar dates and more details.


Pop Ups_Giants of Science_Final-01_4000px.jpg

This Spring, The Pop Ups are back with their 5th album, Giants of Science, a cutting-edge all-ages collection filled with enough hot beats and cool science to bring the universe into your living room (out 5/18). The album is a tribute to the Giants of Science, the people that make us all safer, healthier, more informed. The people who discover light bulbs, antibiotics, record players, airplanes, zero emission vehicles: things that make our lives better. Giants of Science is determined to turn listeners into the next generation of innovators.  

Hear the premiere of the first singe "Time" over at Billboard!


From Musician, Therapist and Mother Vered,  Songs for Sisters and Brothers is a new album based on her class work with families and her own experiences at home that musically explores the beautiful and complex sibling dynamic through a unique collection of songs (out 5/18). This album is family music in a different sense, exploring the whole family’s trials, tribulations and needs. It is honest, reassuring and relatable. On Songs for Sisters and Brothers, Vered gives family members a way to understand their emotions which can lead to a stronger bond between them.  

Listen to the debut of the song "It'll Be" featured at Paste Magazine. 

Kookie Album Art.jpg

This summer, New Jersey based Jumpin’ Jamie AKA Jamie Theurich will release his energetic debut family album Kookie, inspired by the pop punk music that shaped his own childhood (out 6/1). Up until recently Jumpin’ Jamie has been best known as the Dinosaur Troubadour at New Jersey’s Field Station: Dinosaurs, but with the release of Kookie the pop rocker dives head first into the kindie scene with this bold, confident, and undeniably fun collection. Catchy songs with quick tempos and interesting lyrics are what piqued Jamie’s youthful curiosity and made him a devoted listener in his formative years. Now as a grown-up and a dad, these elements populate his first collection for today’s youth. 

Watch the music video for "Back to the Future" which gives a pop rock delivery of the movie’s storyline and is the first single off Jumpin’ Jamie’s debut album. Read more about it at The Rock Father who premiered the video.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates on the hottest summer releases coming soon.

Billboard: Elizabeth Mitchell & Suni Paz Gives 'You Are My Sunshine' a Beautiful New Spanish Version

We are so thrilled to share the first single "Tú Eres Mi Sol”/"You Are My Flower" from the upcoming Spanish language album Tú Eres Mi Flor from beloved children’s artists Elizabeth Mitchell and Suni Paz (out April 6). The duo are releasing a collection of well-known American folk songs on Smithsonian Folkways that have been adapted for the enjoyment of both Spanish and English speaking children. 


Elizabeth Mitchell is a two-time GRAMMY nominee and a best-selling children's artist, as well as a member of indie-rock band Ida. Suni Paz is an Argentinian singer, educator and activist who has been recording poignant and stirring albums with Folkways since the 1970s. They make a beautiful pairing on this tender, lovely and entertaining collection for today’s youth and families. The universal themes throughout the album are harmony, compassion, gratitude and kindness, underscoring the duo's firm belief that learning each other’s languages and songs is a powerful way to come together. Families will recognize classic folk songs and tracks from family-friendly artists like Dan Zanes, Ella Jenkins, Renee & Jeremy, Raffi, Bob Marley, Anna Padgett and Pete Seeger as well as favorites from Mitchell and Paz’s own catalogs. 


Mayers Consulting All-Ages Music Showcase- NYC January 14, 2018!

Announcing the Mayers Consulting All-Ages Music Showcase during APAP 2018. Sunday, January 14 from 12-4PM at Rockwood Music Hall. Come see some of the liveliest, most unique and exceptional performances for all-ages during this year’s APAP conference!

Our eclectic, modern and diverse roster of artists is carefully curated for the youth and family audience from interactive multi-media shows to a variety of genres including pop, rock, folk, jazz, comedy and world music. We are so proud to present this fresh and exciting group of talent. Experience all of our fantastic acts LIVE at this very special showcase. 

Featuring performances by KB WhirlyLard DogBilly KellyFaluBilingual BirdiesThe Pop UpsGustafer YellowgoldJoJo & The Pinecones and Michael and the Rockness Monsters


Presenters please RSVP to mayersconsulting(at) 
Tickets for the public will be sold at the door. $10 per family!

12:00  Welcome!
12:10- 12:25  Falu’s Bazaar
12:35- 12:50  JoJo & The Pinecones
1:00- 1:15  Billy Kelly
1:25- 1:40  Lard Dog & The Band of Shy
1:50-2:05  KB Whirly
2:20  Welcome Back!
2:25-2:40  Gustafer Yellowgold
2:50-3:05  Bilingual Birdies Band
3:15-3:30  The Pop Ups
3:40-3:55  Michael & The Rockness Monsters

2018 Grammy Nomination for Gustafer Yellowgold

Mayers Consulting is thrilled to send out a huge congratulations to our dear friend and client Morgan Taylor for his second Grammy nomination. This is a well deserved honor for his 8th full length Gustafer Yellowgold album Brighter Side

Gustafer Yellowgold is funny and touching all-ages alternative music with whimsical songs that are filled with super-catchy narratives explaining the life of a friendly alien from the Sun who now resides in a wildly imaginative version of the woods of Minnesota. Brighter Side thematically expands on the two stories of the series’ protagonist, Gustafer, from his current life in Minnesota back to his years spent growing up on the Sun. 

Congrats Morgan!

cover Main 2 crop sm.jpeg

Lard Dog & The Band of Shy 'Dreamers' Feature at Paste Magazine

Lard Dog Wants to Make America Dream Again

Steven Erdman has a message for President Boogah on his album Dreamers.

By Matthew Oshinsky  |  September 29, 2017


Steven Erdman wasn’t trying to rip a song from the headlines when when he wrote the title track to his new album, Dreamers, but as often happens with his kids-rock group Lard Dog and the Band of Shy, a silly surface turned out to have a deeper core.

Erdman, a New York musician and cartoonist who performs as the character of Lard Dog, often cloaks messages of diversity and love in absurdist pop songs, and “Dreamers” was no exception. “It was written as a vote for optimism, and love, at a time when many of us are feeling angst about the political and social climates,” he said.

But this time, his music collided with the news in ways even he couldn’t see when he wrote it. Just as his band was preparing their second album for a Sept. 29 release, Donald Trump ordered an end to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the Obama-era initiative that protected some 800,000 young adults, or Dreamers, brought to the U.S. illegally as children.

“I didn’t write this song expressly about DREAMers in the context of DACA,” he said. “I wrote it about all people who dream of something better, while accepting who they are, how they look, or where they come from. Now that the current administration is terminating DACA, I’m both saddened and sickened by a blatant disregard for the rights of people who came to this country as children.” 

A cartoonist by trade, Erdman started Lard Dog in 1996 as a stand-up act for adults (mostly other cartoonists), then made it a kids show after his sons were born in 2007 and 2010. He built an off-Broadway show, “Life’s a Real Dream,” out of the character in 2015 and took it on the road to, among other unlikely places, Lollapalooza in Chicago. 

The music on Dreamers ranges from reggae-inflected pop to second-line jazz and country courtesy of Erdman’s durable seven-piece band. “Take the Road” is a cabaret confection, with a piano backbone and a fiddle floating through it. The big horns on “Don’t Let the Boogah Bug You Out” sound like early-’90s ska and, as on “Dreamers,” disguise a dig at our current boogah of a president—or, at least, a tonic to help endure him. Each of the songs on the album is accompanied by an original piece of art by Erdman, and the one that comes with “Boogah” shows a barefoot, red-eyed Trump holding a smart phone with “twit” on the screen.

The characters in Erdman’s Dreamers artwork mirror his Lard Dog persona (with the exception of the Trump drawing): a little awkward and out of place, but with a smile on their face all the same. Erdman projects a geeky charm, a cross between Mr. Rogers and Jerry Lewis. Some of the songs on Dreamers are pure expressions of that juvenile streak—the slinky “Colander Sun” is not a metaphor for global warming; it’s just about one guy’s love for bowls with holes. But what shines through is a natural idealism that won’t be deterred by one useless boogah in Washington.

MC Spring Update!

The past few months have been a very busy and exciting time at Mayers Consulting with so much going on around our exceptional roster of talented clients. To catch you up, here are some highlights of the attention our favorite people have been showered with so far in 2017. 

STEVENSTEVEN- With the release of Foreverywhere in February there has been quite a bit of noise around this supergroup of Blue's Clues and Flaming Lips fame. Some of our favorite highlights included a performance on Sprout's Sunny Side Up Show and a special on Sirius XM's Kid's Place Live. There were also some wonderful Q&A's at Geekdad and Fatherly featuring Steve Burns not to mention a live interview with him at TMZ. Stay tuned for more on this overwhelmingly fun project. 

Pointed Man Band- March 3rd brought the release of Dan Elliott's new album, Between the Waves and the Cardoons and fans have embraced it for it's "joyous" sound. In fact Midwest Book Review called it “A sweeping joyous experience” and Zooglobble's Stefan Shepherd said it's a "joyful celebration of enjoying youth" while Momma's Bacon labeled it "downright joyful!" Hard to argue with all of that! Listen to the track "The Cardoon's" here

Billy Kelly has been having a riot at his monthly Family Comedy Shows at NYC's Peoples Improv Theater and has just extended his run into May. His first round of NYC shows landed him features in the New York Times, Newsday and the Brooklyn Paper. In March, New York Family magazine ran a great interview with the comedian. Come on out to the big city to see why people are all in on this new concept of laughs for all. Get a taste of Billy's humor with these animated jokes -funny words and art by the man himself: Bird Watcher Watching, Eggs

Lard Dog & The Band of Shy are continuing to wow the families of New York with their quirky universe and highly infectious tunes, in fact the band was recently named one of NYC's best family music groups by Mommy Poppins! Just announced, the band will go on encouraging their followers to "slurp the noodle of life" with a run of just added shows May through June in their new home at People's Improv Theater.  Also, be sure to check in on Lard Dog's exciting Song-Of-The-Month project. For each month this year the band will release one new song culminating in a new album this fall. January's song “I Like” hit #1 at Sirius XM Kids Place Live and February’s song “The Honey Bunny Song” is a real hoot. March's song “Ode to Flatiron” all about the incredible NYC landmark. Check them all out here

And of course the love for Bowie lives on as Let All The Children Boogie: A Tribute to David Bowie continues to find more fans. See the lovely recent write ups from Culture Sonar and from Stephanie's own hometown paper, The Weehawken Reporter. 

Stay tuned in for more updates and news on new projects we can't wait to share with you. 

Billy Kelly's Family Comedy Show in the New York Times

Billy Kelly Does Stand-Up You Can Take Your Kids To


A few years ago, Billy Kelly was participating in what he called a “very edgy” open-mike event when he did something that outraged and offended the audience: He told a clean joke.

“My dog got loose yesterday,” he said. “I had to take him to the vet and have him tightened.”

That bit may remind you of the absurdist worldview of the comic Steven Wright, whom Mr. Kelly, 45, acknowledges as an influence, along with Steve Martin and Ellen DeGeneres. He’s hoping for more enthusiasm when he delivers that joke this weekend at two family shows: in Bellmore, on Long Island, near where he grew up, and in Brooklyn. They celebrate “My First Comedy Album,” Mr. Kelly’s new CD of “stand-up comedy that you could listen to with your 8-year-old in the car,” he said. “Or in your house.”

Enjoying the material together is key to Mr. Kelly’s approach. “People ask, ‘How do you write a joke for kids?’ and I always say, ‘I don’t,’” he said. He added, “I don’t know what comedy for kids would be — maybe a lot of physical comedy and pratfalls, but I don’t do any of that.”

What Mr. Kelly does is wry commentary. His album includes ideas for new TV shows like “Toddler News” — on which the most pressing question is “Are we there yet?” — and a riff on buying eggs, in which he requests instructions “because last time only two of them hatched.”

“That’s an actual thing I did in the supermarket,” said Mr. Kelly, who lives in Lewisburg, Pa., where he and Jacqueline Kelly, his wife, run a graphic design business. (Also a book illustrator, he created his new album’s cover.) He tests his jokes on their two teenage daughters. “They keep me honest and humble,” he said.

But while Mr. Kelly doesn’t consider himself a children’s comedian, he spent years as a songwriter and musician for family audiences. His interest in cross-generational comedy partly stemmed from touring for “Trees,” the Grammy-nominated album he wrote and recorded with Molly Ledford.



“I did a five-minute stand-up of how boring it must be to be a tree,” he said. Preschoolers didn’t get it, “but I noticed that 8-, 9- and 10-year-olds and their parents were laughing.”

Mr. Kelly, also performing this winter at the Peoples Improv Theater in Manhattan, aims for that dual reaction. “If it’s funny and clean,” he said, “I think it works for both audiences.”

(Saturday at 3 p.m., the Brokerage, 2797 Merrick Road, Bellmore, N.Y., 516-781-5233, Sunday at 2 p.m., Jalopy Theater, 315 Columbia Street, at Hamilton Avenue, Red Hook, Brooklyn, 718-395-3214,

Let All The Children Boogie is featured in the New York Times!

Boos, Boogieing and David Bowie at a Halloween Revel for Children


LC Kids Trick-or-Treat

As David Bowie once sang, “Let’s dance.” Or, as his musical heirs will put it this weekend, “Let all the children boogie.”

That's the title of a concert on Saturday at LC Kids Trick-or-Treat, a free Halloween revel on Lincoln Center’s plazas. The show will celebrate the coming release of “Let All the Children Boogie: A Tribute to David Bowie,” an album on which artists from both the young people’s music world and grown-up entertainment have reinterpreted 20 of his songs.

“Halloween and David Bowie go beautifully together,” said Stephanie Mayers, one of the album’s producers, pointing to Bowie’s signature “costuming and styling” (reflected in Jarrett J. Krosoczka’s lively CD cover illustration).

Two of the album’s other producers, Robert Burke Warren (known as Uncle Rock) and the Grammy-winning Dean Jones, will perform on Saturday: Mr. Warren and Tracy Bonham will offer a heartfelt “Lady Stardust,” while Mr. Jones will join Lloyd Miller for their kazoo- and organ-pipe-infused “V-2 Schneider.” Sonia De Los Santos and Elena Moon Park will lend a folk spin and exuberant violin playing to “The Man Who Sold the World.” And one artist is only 15: Storey Littleton, whose soaring vocals will animate “Life on Mars” and a rousing rendition of Bowie’s “Changes” with You Are My Flower, the band founded by her mother, Elizabeth Mitchell.

“I was really impressed with the diversity of the approaches,” said Ms. Mayers, who developed the album with Bill Childs, whose label, Spare the Rock Records, will release it on Nov. 18. (Advance copies will be sold at the concert.) In translating Bowie for children, “some stayed on the path of his songs, and others really colored outside the lines.”

The concert, at 12:15 p.m. in the David Rubenstein Atrium (space is limited; families should arrive early) honors a cause Bowie embraced: freedom of expression. All the album’s proceeds will go to the It Gets Better Project, which supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth.

“We want to spread that message to kids who feel they’re struggling with their identity, whatever that struggle may be,” Ms. Mayers said.

But the day isn’t all Bowie. It also includes Peter Brown reading his book “My Teacher Is a Monster! (No, I Am Not)”; the jazz band Sammy Miller and the Congregation leading a costume parade; a postevent “Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein” screening; and a “scavenger haunt” whose stations feature “characters like a mummy and a witch,” said Jonathan Shmidt Chapman, Lincoln Center’s producer of family programming.

“They have all come to the big city and lost their Halloween spirit,” he said. So they’ll seek help from famously spirited specialists: young New Yorkers.

(11 a.m. to 1 p.m.,

Paste Debuts Ted Leo's "Heroes" from Upcoming Let All The Children Boogie, David Bowie Tribute Album


Read the full copy from the story below:

Exclusive: Stream Ted Leo's Cover of "Heroes" from Forthcoming All-Ages David Bowie Covers Album

Today we’re excited to exclusively share Ted Leo’s exuberant cover of “Heroes,” one of David Bowie’s most legendary songs, from the forthcoming all-ages Bowie covers album Let All The Children Boogie: A Tribute to David Bowie.

When reflecting on the passing of a great figure like Bowie, it’s easy to assume that they’ll always be widely revered. But legacies are transient, and there’s already a young generation that wasn’t immersed in Bowie’s music like those who grew up during or in the shadow of his “golden years” in the ‘70s and ‘80s (please excuse the irresistible pun).

So Let All The Children Boogie’s mission is to introduce Bowie to a new generation. Due to be released on Nov. 18 by Spare The Rock Records, the album will feature covers by a wide range of artists, from The Mekons’ Sally Timms and Jon Langford to Sonia De Los Santos and Elena Moon Park of Dan Zanes and Friends.

And that also includes the man of the hour, punk- and indie-rocker Ted Leo. Leo has made a radiant reinterpretation of “Heroes.” It begins more sparsely than Bowie’s version; the first verse has a soft bass and a subtle drum, and spotlights the voice. The song slowly builds to a powerful, joyous conclusion.

If you’re going to share Bowie’s messages with youngsters, “Heroes” is a great song with which to do it. The lyrics are about two lovers who live on either side of the Berlin Wall; after Bowie’s death, the German government thanked him for helping to inspire the takedown of the wall with his 1987 performance of “Heroes” in West Berlin.

It’s also Bowie’s second most-covered track (after “Rebel Rebel”), and has been sung by the likes of The Wallflowers and Peter Gabriel. Ted Leo’s version is an excellent addition to this body of covers, and indicates great things to come for the rest of Let All The Children Boogie.

The forthcoming album will benefit It Gets Better, an LGBTQ youth charity organization. You can pre-order it in full here, which will earn you an instant free download of Ted Leo’s cover, or purchase “Heroes” by itself here. Listen to the tune below via the Paste Cloud, and find the Let All The Children Boogie tracklist beneath that.




An All-Ages Album Dedicated To The Music And Artistry Of David Bowie, Benefiting The It Gets Better Project

New Album Will Feature Exclusive Tracks From Rhett MillerAntibalas, Walter MartinElizabeth Mitchell And More

This fall, Spare The Rock Records will release Let All The Children Boogie: A Tribute To David Bowie, an all-ages album dedicated to the music and artistry of David Bowie. The album will feature new interpretations of his work from a diverse group of artists with the mission of sharing his legacy and messages with a new generation. 

Proceeds from the record will benefit the It Gets Better Project and its mission to communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth around the world that it gets better, and to create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them.  In short, It Gets Better works towards a world where all the children can boogie freely.

Talent confirmed for the project to date includes Jon Langford & Sally Timms (The Mekons, Wee Hairy Beasties), Rhett Miller (Old 97’s), AntibalasGina Chavez, Walter Martin (The Walkmen), Tracy Bonham & Uncle RockWunmiElizabeth MitchellJustin RobertsThe Pop Ups with Gustafer YellowgoldRed YarnColin Brooks (Dan Zanes and Friends), Adam Levy & Chastity BrownNakia with the Barton Hills ChoirMolly Ledford & Dean JonesSonia De Los Santos & Elena Moon Park (Dan Zanes and Friends) and others to be announced at a later date.

David Bowie proved that there are no rules about who you should or could be in this world. His musical and artistic approach defined creative freedom. He lived a glowing life on his own terms, a shining example of the infinite possibilities out there. In addition to celebrating Bowie’s catalog and life’s work, the project introduces him to today’s kids. From “Kooks”, to his narration of Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf to his role in Labyrinth and his own role as a father, it seemed Bowie always knew that children were a different species and he welcomed them into his world.

Producers on the album include multi-Grammy nominee and winner Dean Jones, author and musician “Uncle Rock” Robert Burke Warren, Stephanie Mayers, publicist and marketing consultant of Mayers Consulting, and Bill Childs, owner of Spare The Rock Records and producer of nationally syndicated radio show Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child. Cover art will be created by popular children’s book illustrator Jarrett J. Krosoczka (Lunch LadyPunk Farm).


Spare The Rock Records has released three records so far that have raised over $115,000 total for non-profits, including the Haitian People's Support Project and Girls Inc. Read more information about those releases at

More information on this project can be found at

For more information contact: Stephanie Mayers, 347.735.0736,